How to Make A Good Advertisement: The Golden Rules

Today, with ID Card Philippines, we are exploring the world of advertising. Yes, the great visuals, word-of-mouth promotions, and all the other aspects of advertising. A good advertisement involves a lot of observations, research, and consultations in order to boost sales and branding. Honestly, creating advertisements depends on the nature of your brand. For example, if you are a clothing business, you might want to utilize models to advertise your apparel. If you are a food business, you may utilize chef or foodie bloggers/vloggers to advertise. In this time of the pandemic where establishments are all at risk, it is safe to say that digital advertisements are a must. 카지노사이트

Businesses would often ask, what are the golden rules that can be applied to any advertisement, regardless of creative approach, brand, and category? To simplify, what could be the fundamental principles that all businesses should follow in making a good advertisement. ID Card Philippines has gathered five of these principles both supported by consumer psychology and business research.

For you to have an innovative approach to advertising, make sure to keep in mind of the following:

Make sure to have an early brand identifier.
You may have seen videos of basic dog training where the trainer (which oftentimes is the owner) rings the bell every meal time. This is done by constantly associating the sound of the bell with the reward of food, which dogs gradually learn to comprehend. This could also be done to have an effective advertisement. Substitute the sound of the bell with the brand and the food with the advertisement. Effective advertising is expected to evoke reward expectations, which will eventually be carried over to the brand. As long as your audience becomes more and more exposed to your advertisement, your brand by itself will spark these reward expectations.

As explained above, the sound of the bell comes first before rewarding the dog with its food. This could also be applied to advertising, and could be done by having early brand identifiers. In commercials, it is important to show the brand early on to maximize its effectiveness. Putting your brand by the end of the commercial is easy, but exposing it early is definitely hard. Showing the brand logo at the beginning is the easy way, sure, however this may appear boring to your audience since it doesn’t excite them. Instead, show clues or identifying cues that implicitly signal the brand. Besides your brand logo, there are many brand identifiers such as your product and its context, visual aesthetics, moments of use, and etc. 안전한카지노사이트

Have retrieval cues.
What sets advertising apart from any other forms of marketing is the constant challenge for it to work over a long period of time. The reason being is that the advertising can have a huge impact on your purchase behavior, may it be tomorrow, a month or a year from now. Even though its impact may only reach its peak in the beginning, it entails a big impact on your sales in the future. Remember, your end goal is to entice your customers to patronize your brand. Hence, the ad’s impact should last from the time it was released to the actual point of purchase.

It is significant to establish brand memory when it comes to advertising. Memory researchers suggested a best way to do this, and that is through retrieval cues. Retrieval cues are nothing more than visual cues at the point of purchase that give your customers a memory of the ad. To further explain through a situation, if ID Card Philippines releases an advertisement, the elements that resonate with the brand should also be present at the time of purchase. These elements may include a feature of their services such as PVC ID Card printing, company ID printing, and employee ID printing, pictures of their ID cards, their logo, slogans, and etc. You may also opt to feature the commercial itself as an alternative.

Take note of the direction of movement. There are right and wrong ones.
Camera movement is essential in the eyes of your audience. It captures the attention of your audience since our brains react to the direction on where the camera is going. If you watched any 3D movies, you must have experienced having to move your head in the direction of the object. This is because our brains are entertained when the camera moves closer or zooms in on a character or object. However, it is also important to know that when the camera moves backward, thus further increasing the distance of the camera to the audience, the opposite happens. Our brains tune out and get uninterested. The advantage though, backward movements can work wonderfully if only it reveals new information to the viewer. For instance, a backward movement revealing a second character hiding behind the wall.

Maintain a single point of focus.
You may have experienced feeling burnt out despite just sitting down and facing your work device. This is because we also burn calories just by solely using our brains and stressing out on deliverables. In advertising, it is more effective when we don’t have to make our audience think and just spoonfeed the message we want to get across. Marketing communication should be easy to grasp; this is why when the viewer’s attention is pulled on a single point of focus, the advertisement is seen as more pleasant. On the other hand, if the shot presents multiple focus points, it results in a negative emotion in the brain.

Take advantage of our brains. Activate the mirror neurons. 카지노사이트 추천
When your advertisement portrays real emotions of people, the higher the tendency that your audience would be able to resonate with those emotions. For example, you may have watched romantic KDramas and cried on emotional scenes. This is because our mirror neurons respond to visible emotions and actions which eventually makes us feel what the characters felt in those scenes. Mirror neurons contribute a lot in making a good advertisement because once it is effectively applied, it can portray the actions you want your customers to make. If you are selling beer, show people opening a battle and enjoying it. If you are selling smartphones, show people swiping and browsing the web with your product. It’s that simple, which explains why you need to work on your creativity to gain competitive advantage through your advertisements.

A good advertisement would not be maximized if you limit your creativity within the 5 fundamental principles only. Following these golden rules could only get you so far in advertising. Prior to implementing these principles, a thorough research should be done as well as strategically planning on your marketing goals. At the end of the day, advertising is a marriage of art and science, and each newborn is unique in their own way.

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